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Extracting Google Cardboard Camera Picture and Audio File


Last week Google launched a new app named Cardboard Camera.
The app enables you to scan a 360 degrees panoramic image of your surroundings and then experience it in 3D with any Google Cardboard compatible headset.
It even records an audio clip while you’re taking the panoramic shot so make sure you turn the sound on when you admire the result.

The generated file is a .vr.jpg, when opened with a text editor you can clearly see that the file is made up of Base64 encoded files.
Data corresponding to the right eye generated image and a GAudio:Data representing the sound recorded.
In OS X, In order to extract all the information from the .vr.jpg file, you will need Python, Python XMP Toolkit, Homebrew and Exempi.
To install Python XMP Toolkit download it here.
In your terminal, type:
user$ sudo python setup.py install
To install Homebrew just use curl to download and install the script in the terminal:
user$ ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)
Once this is done you will need to install Exempi using Homebrew:
user$ brew install exempi

Finally you can use this Python script to extract all the necessary files:
To run the script simply unzip the file and type in your terminal:
./cardcamextract.py  IMG_FILE.vr.jpg


Original Image (Left Eye)


Transformed Image (Right Eye)

Audio File


Images as seen on the phone using the Cardboard Camera app


Trying Out the Headset



Screenshot from the Cardboard Camera application (cross your eyes and bring the image together to see it 3D)