You are the captain of a spaceship lost in space. You have just encountered a major asteroid belt.
You must fight for your survival in the vast confines of the cosmos for as long as you can!

Current score appears on top left of the game:

Game speed starts at 50% and increases over time

Health starts at 100%

Game speed and health are displayed on the top right corner:

Move the spaceship with the mouse and shoot plasma balls by left clicking.

Plasma ball:

Collect yellow stars and red stars by colliding with them.

Yellow Star:

Worth 5 points if caught and loses 5 points when destroyed with a plasma ball.

Red Star:

Worth 10 points if caught and loses 10 points when destroyed with a plasma ball.


Spaceship loses 5 health when hit and gain 10 points if destroyed with a plasma ball.


Gains 10 health and 50 points when collected and loses 10 health if destroyed with a plasma ball.

Name Score Game Speed Date
yoake25065747Sun Apr 01 16:00:45 2012
NOTJASPREET12335489Fri Apr 13 11:40:51 2012
Supi102801012Fri Sep 09 23:51:44 2011
ryan6660455Sun Apr 01 15:38:40 2012
Mitch1905276Fri Sep 09 00:45:07 2011
Jaspreet1055199Thu Apr 12 23:09:34 2012
Pascal740535Sat Aug 06 19:55:22 2011
Pascal21059Thu Sep 08 01:51:09 2011
Pascal20562Thu Sep 08 01:50:51 2011
Pascal140146Sat Aug 07 15:23:42 2011

Author: Pascal Guay
Contact: pascalg AT